Munich Germany

About Company

MESHVILLE is the first German co-working platform. MESHVILLE is a network of co-workers and co-working spaces, knowhow, contacts, offers, events and services for people that do not work on the same place every day. Companies and freelancers are given the opportunity to fit a workplace to their individual needs with MESHVILLE, so that they can do their jobs flexible, nationally and internationally speaking. Whether you want to book an office for a month or a couple of hours, MESHVILLE offers you maximum comfort and flexibility. Instead of working in isolation with a normal home-office model, with MESHVILLE you can connect with like-minded people and exchange valuable knowledge. As a Mesher, you can work every day at a new desk, establishing new professional relationships and being able to start new projects with co-workers from different professional sectors. Companies or freelancers who are looking for flexible office solutions, as well as providers of workspaces who want to present their office concepts, will find the solution to their problems in MESHVILLE. MESHVILLE creates a virtual marketplace where providers and users of workspaces meet and arrange short term rental contracts. MESHVILLE is a business oriented social network with the motto ''Work where you are, don’t be where you work”. You need a workspace today in Munich and tomorrow in Hamburg? No problem, with MESHVILLE you stay flexible and still organized.