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St. Petersburg United States

About Company

Copy Chief is the longest running and most respected copywriting community where business owners and copywriters come together to... 

  • Learn how to write high-converting copy for clients or their own business
  • ​Get unlimited copy critiques and feedback on their marketing campaigns
  • ​Access actionable trainings backed by real, market-tested results (never convenient theory)
  • Find high-level clients and freelancers in our active Job Boards

We know there are hundreds of communities for entrepreneurs out there. Copy Chief is an elite community where working professionals network and train to become the best at their craft, get paid top dollar for their skills, and stay ahead of the competition by keeping their finger on the pulse of what’s working now. 

In Copy Chief you’ll get shoulder-to-shoulder with the most active, successful marketers working “in the trenches” today – all while learning from industry legends who rarely teach anywhere else.

Since 2014 Copy Chief has been THE place for entrepreneurs, copywriters, and freelancers to connect and grow.