Adam Moody

United States

About Company

I work with my own business and a small number of clients to create sales funnels and email marketing to increase their revenue.

Experience with ClickFunnels, Active Campaign, Klaviyo, Automation (like Zapier, IFTTT), and the like is a plus.

The most important skills, in this order, for working well together long term:

  • Ability to hit deadlines on your own

  • Good communication skills via written (Slack, Email) and video (Zoom, Loom) methods

  • Not afraid to ask questions or ask for help after trying to solve the problem yourself

  • Experience with the tools we use

I enjoy working long term with people who are a good fit - I currently have a project manager that has worked for me for 3 years, and several VA's that have been with me for 2-5 years.