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JBC Energy has an established reputation as a leading research institute offering independent and unbiased expertise to businesses, governments and organisations operating in the global energy sector.  Our wide range of products and services are provided via our three primary business segments.

Analytics We keep our clients ahead of the curve through our regular publications. JBC Energy’s articles analyse the impact of current market developments and identify future market-drivers, making our reports a must-read for anybody working in oil and gas markets.

Studies Our analysts are on hand to answer questions relating to the energy market. We provide a range of solutions that are designed to offer an optimal match to the specific requirements of our clients’ queries.

Modelling JBC Energy’s in-house Supply, Demand and Price (SuDeP) model forms the basis of our forecasts. Developed by our team of analysts, the database covers key aspects of the global oil market and offers a structured breakdown of demand, supply, balances, trade flows, prices and margins for crude, NGLs, biofuels, other liquids and oil products.


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