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Monolith SEO is a performance marketing company that specialises in SEO to generate leads / sales. We partner with affiliate networks, and selected businesses who will do a commission based model.

We build websites / web properties in a rinse and repeat, production line fashion. We are constantly working on improving efficiencies and eliminating bottlenecks. Web properties are disposable. They live then they die out. What’s important is the process of creating them, and constantly improving that process. Iteratively improving the procedures and producing a better product. 

Our business strategy is tightly focused around automation and systemisation as our key strength. Our primary concern is scalability. Automation and the systems mindset are built into the company culture

Our team is location independent and distributed across the world. We have a lean, core internal team of process driven, technical savvy and detail orientated staff who work together to handle the operations of the business. We keep this team small and agile, due to our focus on automation and documented procedures.


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