JobRack Employer FAQ

JobRack is the best place where you can find incredible, talented remote workers that are fully focused on being a full time or part time worker in your company.

Unlike other platforms, we promote hiring permanent full-time or part-time employees rather than hiring someone for a single project. We encourage business owners to grow their business through committed team members focused on them and their business.

By hiring highly skilled, hard working Eastern Europeans who offer great value along with the most incredible work ethic, business owners can keep growing their business rather than having to repeatedly find freelancers every time you want a task doing.

Here at JobRack, our vision is to provide business with the best workers at the best value who are nowhere else to be found!

Once you hire your A-player, it’s up to you and them to decide how will you handle payment. Eastern Europeans usually prefer fortnightly or monthly payments and businesses frequently use PayPal, Payoneer and our own personal favourite, TransferWise but you can also choose other options.

Just be sure to discuss it with your new hire and make sure you’re all clear on this super important topic. We made a complete guide with our advice for best practices when it comes to paying your team, you can check it out here!

Well, no one does (except we do!). Once you post your job advert you will get applications from all kinds of different job seekers and it’s up to you to decide who fits your needs the best.

So long as you know what you want then you can use that to filter the applications to get the very best person for you and your team. Hundreds of businesses that published on JobRack have hired amazing team members and got great results for their business as a result. Just check out our testimonials!

That varies based on the position you are looking for and the experience you need. For example, developers can vary from as low as $10/hr right up to $50/hr and beyond, whilst customer support staff and virtual assistants can be just a fraction of this.

If you need advice for your specific role you can reach out to us, and we’ll help give you personal advice on the right rates to be offering and paying for your role.

One of the greatest virtues Eastern Europeans are known for is their incredible work ethic and their clear communication style. Coupled with their incredible levels of education (many Eastern Europeans have not one, but two (!!) college level degrees) this makes them incredible team members for your business.

Their quality of work is impeccable, communication is healthy and easy and they are extremely trustworthy. If they face a problem they cannot solve, or if you give them the task they see they can’t complete - they will tell you straight. We know very well that there are many other regions in the world that play the “Fake it until you make it” card all the time, but you will not find that in Eastern Europe.

This is a huge benefit that Eastern Europeans have and with all their other qualities they easily rank for the best remote workers in the world.

Of course! Our complete system is designed to help you find the best people out there for your job. You can browse our job seekers database by skills you need your worker to have or by keyword or location.

Once you publish your job advert, we will promote your role to job seekers that match the skills you are looking for. That way, we help increase the chances of finding the best A-player for your team!

Want some more help? Our Done For You service takes all the effort of hiring off your plate. We’ll find them, vet them, test them, interview them and literally deliver 2-3 great candidates to you for final interview and selection. Find out more by clicking here.

It’s rare but it does happen from time to time. We stay close to you whilst you’re searching for your new great hire so we’re normally very aware of any times you’re struggling to find the right candidate.

When that happens we jump in and hustle hard to find good candidates for you. We want all our employers to be fully happy with the service they receive and so far we’ve not failed to make sure that’s the case.

Eastern Europeans are highly trustworthy and honesty is a great part of their culture. As long as you are fair and honest with them, they will be fair and honest with you.

Since we founded JobRack we still haven’t had a single situation where employers have had significant issues with hires being trustworthy.

We are proud to have such an amazing database of people who have amazing skillsets and are trustworthy, so long as you are clear with your expectations and invest time during the hiring process you’ll get the success you need.

No. You just pay for your job advert and that’s it. We don’t charge commission on payments to employees and there’s no ongoing subscriptions of any kind. Just a simple one-off payment for each job you post.

Your job advert will be active for 60 days from the publishing date. We have this date just to keep things current on JobRack however if for any reason you haven’t found someone in 60 days then you can keep your job post open until you do find someone.

Yes we always recommend you have a clear agreement in place between your company and your remote workers. Now the type of agreement or contract you will use will vary based on where in the world you are, the type of business you are and what your priorities for a contract are.

This is definitely an area to get some legal advice or get in touch with us directly with any questions.

Remember the most important thing is to set clear expectations on both sides of all things that matter so talk openly with your team members about this.

It’s entirely up to you and somewhat depends on the nature of your agreement with your team member. Are they a freelancer working on a per task or project basis or are they more like a part of full time member of the team?

The most important thing is to set clear expectations, document it, even just a few paragraphs and ensure your team members have a copy they can access. Much like a staff handbook!

If they’re one of your team then we would always suggest to include paid holiday in your agreement, everyone needs chance to recharge their batteries some times. Consider also any local bank holidays that you may wish to consider paying them for.

Don’t let the financial impact rule these decisions, in the scheme of things it’s likely to be really insignificant vs the good will and improved commitment you get from your team members.

This depends on how you contract your employees and the regulations governing your own business.

Frequently businesses will contract remote workers on a ‘service contract’ basis meaning that the worker is self employed and responsible for declaring their income and paying taxes wherever they are in the world.

This works for most people but can be complex so if in any doubt get professional advice from your lawyer or accountant, or get in touch with us directly.

JobRack Done For You service is there for you if you don’t have the time, knowledge or desire to handle and manage the hiring process. Our expert team of recruiters will work with you throughout the process and handle all the hard work for you.

We will listen to your needs and based on that we will publish the job advert for you, engage with applicants, test them, determine who is the best fit your role, and complete the whole hiring process for you.

If you like how that sounds, feel free to reach out to us and schedule a call with us!

Yes absolutely, all transactions are fully encrypted using industry standard 256-bit encryption both on our website and for payments. We use Stripe, one of the world's biggest and best payment processors to keep everything 100% safe and secure.

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“I definitely recommend to my friends because I love the fact that you go out and find qualified new applicants for me. I have hired 3 people from jobrack and found it to be incredibly useful in helping to grow my agency with the right people.”

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“ is super easy to use and we found a high quality developer to add to our team within a few days of posting an ad. I highly recommend them.”

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“We found a couple of great applicants through JobRack. I was surprised that we even got a couple qualified applications from assistants who are fluent in German which is quite important for our business.”

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