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best for people with their own HR recruiters

With this package,

We do these for you:

  • Write your optimized job post
  • Recruit applicants
  • Give you full access to:
    • Customizable Trello-style hiring board
    • Applicants manager (including rating people on specific skills and more)
    • Complete Jobseeker database
    • Advanced search options
    • Jobseeker shortlist option
    • Jobseeker invites
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Our clients love JobRack

“I definitely recommend jobrack.eu to my friends because I love the fact that you go out and find qualified new applicants for me. I have hired 3 people from jobrack and found it to be incredibly useful in helping to grow my agency with the right people.”

Kiri Masters
Bobsled Marketing

“JobRack.eu is super easy to use and we found a high quality developer to add to our team within a few days of posting an ad. I highly recommend them.”

Andy Fletcher

“We found a couple of great applicants through JobRack. I was surprised that we even got a couple qualified applications from assistants who are fluent in German which is quite important for our business.”

Raffael Schulz

Got questions?

How many job posts do I get with any of the packages?

Both the DIY and the DFY packages are for one position only. If you are looking to fullfill multiple positions in your company please contact us and we can make you a custom perfectly matching offer for your needs!

How do I pay my hires from Eastern Europe?

First salary payments are completely between you and your employees. The good thing about JobRack is we do not meddle or do any mark-ups there. We pay most of our Eastern European team members via Payoneer. Other options are bank transfer or something like Paypal of course.

Why hire Eastern Europeans and not from other places?

Eastern Europeans remote workers are often more disciplined and autonomous workers. Meaning they need a lot less (micro) managing. Saving you a lot of valuable time. They are honest, always show up for work, highly educated and with a ton of ambition. And still a LOT cheaper then hiring from western countries.