How To Find and Apply For a Job

In this short article, we’re going to explain how to find the jobs and apply for them on JobRack.

You can watch this video…

or if you prefer reading, then you can read the entire tutorial and see the screenshots below!

Starting from the home page, on the menu, you will see the option “Find jobs” and when you hover over it you will see multiple job categories.

Click on “All jobs” to go to the job posts page and see all categories of jobs, or if you want to see a particular category, choose one from the dropdown menu.

When you click to “All Jobs” you be brought on jobs page.

There, you can notice you have multiple filters:

On the first filter, you can type in the keywords you want to see in your search results. For example you can type “Back End Developer” to see all jobs that contain that keyword.

The second filter is “Category” filter, where you can select the category just like on the home page:

The third filter is the “Type” filter where you can select do you want to see Full Time, Part Time or Project Based jobs.

The fourth filter is a “Salary type” filter where you can filter the jobs by salary type – you can select Monthly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, etc.

Whichever filter you select, hit the “Search” button and JobRack will filter all job posts for you.

Below filters, you can see the list of jobs.

You can see multiple job posts there where you can select the ones you find interesting.

You can figure a lot about job post simply by focusing on the parts we pointed to.

For the first option on the list, you can see that the company “Purelywave” is hiring “Facebook Ads Manager” for a “Full Time” position and “Negotiable” salary. Also you can see the snippet of the job description, you can see the category of the job is “Sales&Marketing” and you can see some skills required for this job advert.

Even though this is a lot to find out about the job, you shouldn’t really judge the book by its covers.

If you are interested in some job, click on it and read the full job description.

There you will find A LOT more information about the job itself, what are some requirements you should have, what is expected of you as a possible future employee of the company, what benefits are you getting, what’s in it for you, and how to apply for the position.

Reading a full job description is always a MUST because after that you will know exactly would you be a good fit and is that opportunity right for you.

If you figure you’re the next rockstar that the company should hire, you can apply simply by clicking on the “Apply” button.

After clicking on it, you will get a pop up where you will need to write down your cover letter.

Make sure to answer all questions employer is asking in the “How to Apply” section (if any) and check are there any small tests like “In the first line of your cover letter answer what’s the capital of France”. If you don’t do these things, your application will probably be rejected at the very start, without reading the full cover letter. That’s because these little tests are showing employer that you are a detail-oriented person and dedicated to getting that job.

Also, writing the rest of the cover letter is VERY important so make sure you read and watch our guide on how to create a ROCKING cover letter for getting a remote job!

After you write your cover letter and attach your CV, hit the “Apply” button and that’s it! The employer received your application!