hire remotely complete guide

How To Hire Remotely – Complete Guide For Serious Businesses

Have you realized why so many businesses are looking outside of their local area to get great hires?

There is currently around 57 million people in the US that are working remotely part-time or full time, and they represent an incredible 36% of the workforce.

It is estimated that 50% of US workforce will be freelancers by 2027. (1) That makes sense because if you think about it, it doesn’t take much time to realize that this model may benefit your business too!

hire remotely complete guide

Today, we’ll talk about how to hire remotely and the huge benefits of it. This is the time when major changes are being made in businesses all across the world and hiring remote workers is a definite game changer.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride, we made a complete guide for you!


Why you should hire remotely?


Think about the power of the internet. So many people in one place.

If you are a business owner and you publish an advert that you are looking for a web developer or marketing assistant from your local area, you are quite limited:

  • Are there enough candidates capable to fulfill your demands?
  • What are the expenses for hiring someone in your area?
  • If you have 30 applicants but none of them are quite good for the position, what’s your next move?

Sure, you might think it’s better to work with someone who’s sitting in the office next to yours, but if you are not considering hiring someone to work remotely you might just miss having the best person for your business.

You are practically leaving money on the table.

hire remotely complete guide

By posting the job ad on specialist remote worker platforms such as JobRack, you are in the best possible position to expand your business in so many different ways:

  1. You will increase the number of job seekers that will be interested in you and your role. This will result in you having better options. Even if you are living in New York or London, where there’s a huge number of quality jobseekers you can still find someone better suited to your role. Especially if you need an expert on the subject because usually experts in large cities already have jobs so you’re competing already. That brings us to number 2.
  2. There’s a huge amount of experts in different areas of the world that want remote jobs, and by giving yourself a chance to hire someone remotely, you are likely to find the exact person you are looking for.
  3. Another benefit is, of course, the money. How much does it cost to hire a mobile app developer in Los Angeles? And how much does it cost to hire a mobile app developer from Belgrade or Kiev? Quality is the same, both are experts, but the money is nowhere close, there is huge value to be had but hiring from countries with lower costs of living.

You can read the entire guide about How Much Does it REALLY Cost to Hire a New Employee.

Let’s give you some specific and every day / normal examples. How about:

    1. A full time highly educated experienced app developer for $2000/month.
    2. An awesome online marketer great at creating content, landing pages and funnels full-time for $800/mth
    3. Focused, highly capable project managers with incredible attention to detail for $1000/mth

Huge corporations have outsourced many of their business functions to lower cost regions a long time ago and now that is something you can do too. It doesn’t take a fortune to do it and it’s not hard either.

hire remotely complete guide

Whether its development, customer support, finance or marketing there are corporations that have outsourced these functions to lower cost countries that are getting incredible value and benefits to their business, their customers and their bottom line.


How to hire remotely – complete guide


Now that everything is clear about why you should hire remotely we will walk you through the entire process of exactly how.

Even though it’s not that complicated, there are some catches that you may want to know if you are looking to scale up your business with the best remote talent.

Of course, the first step is to find the platform where you will post the job ad, and get people to apply for it. JobRack is a platform where you will be able to find extraordinary Eastern European jobseekers (many people say they’re the best in the world for value education and Western culture understanding), but more important than that is the process itself.

Think like you are looking for a job. What information do you want to know before you apply?


Write a good job description


Once you start making an ad make sure you put as much information about the position as you can. You need to sell the opportunity and convince them why they should want to work with your business.

That will increase the number of candidates who apply which will result in you having a better chance to hire the right person.

We’ve seen so many job ads that are like: “We need a virtual assistant. You need to know Excel and email marketing basics. Salary is negotiable”.

These ads tend to only get job seekers that are desperate in finding any job, mostly because their skillset is not good enough for it.

Your job description should contain bullet points like this:

  • Information about the position and tasks that we are hiring for
  • What we expect from you as a member of our team
  • What you can expect from us as an employer
  • How to stand out from others that are applying

This description will give jobseekers all the answers they need. Just like we said, you need to have a job-seeking mentality. They often have questions like:

  • How much will I be paid for the job?
  • Is this company trustworthy?
  • What if I have 75% of what they are looking for?
  • Should I apply even though I’m not fully educated about the position?
  • Are they going to give me the opportunity to grow and develop into bigger and better roles?


Get the right person for the job


After making the ad and publishing it let the platform do the job for you. You need to give it a little time.

We see so many employers refreshing their job ad page 10 times a minute, and waiting for new job seekers to apply. Scenarios like that often end up in you giving the job to someone not good enough.

Patience you must have, my young padawan.

Master Yoda definitely knew what he was talking about, because patience is something we all lack sometimes, but once we give it a shot we often end up with getting incredible results.

It’s the same thing with the hiring process.

Once you publish your ad, let it run for two or three days. You will be surprised at the quality and variety of job seekers that apply.

Remember you need a balance of quality and quantity. 100 applicants without the skills you need are not good. Equally 1 applicant, no matter how great isn’t enough either.

This will give you the best chance to get the right person for the job.


Hire for attitude


We all agree that good skills for the job are crucial but more important than that is the attitude of the job seeker.

For whatever position you are hiring, you will need a go-getter. Someone who is motivated to deliver the goals before the deadlines, someone who cares more about quality than quantity.

hire remotely complete guide

Imagine a day when you call in sick and your full-stack developer got stuck on one task. Shoot, he couldn’t get the help of another team member because … well, because he didn’t ask.

And the business just stands still. The sound of crickets all over the place…

Being self-driven and a natural go-getter can be a hard thing to find in a candidate (regardless of what they say in the interview) so you need to really check their attitude in your process and interview.

Also, their personality is very important.

We know, it’s easy to say all these things but how can you really take a little sneak peek in your applicant’s mind to see what’s in there? What type of person are they?

Starting a debate that has nothing to do with the job, but it’s a big subject in the world could give you a chance to see is your applicant capable of fast thinking. When you make someone think fast, they often have no control over the pathways in their mind, so you will be able to see how they are thinking in real-time.

For example, educate yourself about the flat Earth conspiracy theory. This is a great topic because you wouldn’t believe how much information is out there about it.

Simply ask your jobseeker on the interview “what do you think, is the Earth flat?“. No matter what they will say, you say the opposite. Once you educate yourself about that you will have the facts for both outcomes, and you will win the debate. It’s going to be so much fun if your jobseeker truly believes the Earth is really flat!

Employers from Trader Joes tend to ask questions like “What do you think of garden gnomes?

Of course, there’s no correct answer to this question but if your candidate is able to handle this curveball with ease, it shows an impressive ability to react quickly to bizarre circumstances.

So pay attention to the attitude of your candidate. Are they a go-getter and someone who you’d enjoy having a beer or a coffee with sometimes?


Test your remote candidates


Testing candidates is very very important, it’s not just:

“Ah, you are a game-app developer? Can you make a Snake in C#?”.

Your tests for the candidate should be in multiple skills relevant for the role. That way you will be able to see how your candidate performs for real.

Create a situation where they will really demonstrate their skills.

Every game-app developer will tell you he can make a Snake in C#, because he just needs to Google the code.

Make sure solutions for your test are not to be found on Google or YouTube. Be specific in your tests and that way if your candidate has all it takes he will demonstrate that.

If they can’t put the effort in now at the hiring stage when there’s thousands of dollars up for grabs then why would they be any different once you’ve hired them?

On the other hand, make sure not to give too complicated tests. Yes, that will only filter experts, but it will also narrow down your options. If those experts are not someone you would hire because of their attitude, you may be left without candidates to choose from.

Create something that you think it takes the average level of knowledge to solve, they don’t need to be perfect, they need to be good enough to do the job and with the attitude to be better.


Make a good offer


If you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys.

As much as hiring remote team members can help you reduce your costs, finding the best candidates will help you push your projects forward and make more profit overall.

And good quality comes at a higher price.

Yes, it’s true, remote hiring does give you a broader choice – but do not forget that the remote employees also have the choice among a greater number of companies wanting to hire remotely.

Remember when we said you need to ‘sell’ your job opportunity. This is why!

We already talked about how the remote working market is growing rapidly, the best remote workers are getting better offers every day. Of course, you will say no if the price of their service is ridiculously high, but don’t offer something you know is low, and hope they will accept it because they probably won’t.

Think about how much potential value this person is going to deliver for your business.

Make sure to stay competitive and fair to your employees. In return, you will have a loyal new employee, happy to move your business forward and excited about being part of your journey.

Also, if you are not familiar with the ways to pay your employee in Eastern Europe, we have a complete guide on how to send funds to your employee.




If you want to hire remotely this complete guide has everything you need.

It’s very important to realize that hiring remotely can benefit your business in so many ways like, having more options when hiring, finding you the best possible people no matter where they are and lowering down the costs for the highest quality people

Once you decide where to publish your job ad, make sure your ad has an incredible description. That way you will increase the number of candidates and you will get the right person for the job more likely.

In the first few hours you may get some great applications but remember – patience is the key to success. Let your ad be open for at least  two or three days (the best candidates may not be hanging out online just waiting for your post!)

You will be amazed by the quality of the applicants and you can start reviewing them and deciding who and how to test them to find your new star team member.

It’s very important to have someone with the right attitude and above all someone who is self-motivated. Make sure you get along with your candidate because you don’t want to work with someone who is causing you frustrations and getting on your nerves.

Skillset and ability to do the job is obviously crucial. Create tests that are relevant to you and your role and aren’t something they can just find on Google or YouTube. That way your candidate will demonstrate what they really know.

hire remotely complete guide

We are well aware that hiring someone remotely may be daunting at first place, but we can help. JobRack is the number one place for awesome Eastern European remote workers. If you are seeking quality, trustworthy and hardworking remote workers, you are in the right place. Post your ad now!

If you are not really good with hiring process, or you simply don’t have enough time to dedicate to the hiring process, we can take all the pain away! With our Done For You Service, we will find the exact person you need, we’ll test them and do all the work so in the end, you have a new employee ready to start working for you! Check out our Done For You Service here!