How To Find And Get a Remote Virtual Assistant Job

Go to school, finish college, get a good job in a good company and stick to it. That’s basically the plan, right?

Many people don’t finish college and that’s fine, they still find a job, and they try to work their way up. This is the case with many jobs and often the case with virtual assistants!

No matter what job you are doing, whether you finished college, or what degree you have, at some point we all come to the same thought:

“How cool it would be if I could do my job from the comfort of my home?”



Yes, online remote jobs are becoming more popular every year and many people are deciding to ditch their fixed jobs to find something where they can choose where they can work from.

Being a virtual assistant is perfectly suited for working remotely, you don’t need to be in the same room of office to do a great job and deliver great results.

It all started with freelancers who worked on multiple projects for multiple companies. That’s a lot of work to do, and it’s easier to work just one job for one company, but in the same conditions as freelancers – from home or anywhere else you choose.


Why You Should Find And Get a Remote Virtual Assistant Job


For so many people the Internet equals freedom.

It has no boundaries, no states, countries, you don’t need a passport to visit a German or a US site. All you need is your internet connection and you can get everything you need.

If you are a motivated person who is trying to build up your virtual assistant career, if you are dedicated and determined to pursue financial freedom, and you’re still not taking advantage of the internet and working remotely, then you’re missing out.

There are multiple benefits of having a virtual assistant job such as:


Work from anywhere


…no matter what your job is.

It doesn’t matter if you are a developer, designer, virtual assistant, PPC specialist, content writer or simply someone who is trying to be some of these things, if you get an online remote job you will be able to work from anywhere you choose.

When we started hiring online virtual assistants, at first they were working from the comfort of their home. Their feedback was amazing because they could work in their pajamas all day long if they chose.

Nowadays, it’s far more common to “catch them” working from cafes or co-work spaces all over the world.

An online remote job gives you the freedom to work from anywhere you want. As long as you have a good internet connection, and you are capable to complete your tasks, deliver your goals, and be available to your employer, your employer won’t mind you being even on the Moon!


Meet people from different cultures


This is a pro that not so many people recognize, but knowing someone from a different country or in the best-case scenario being friends with them is a huge benefit.

You are the average of the people you surround yourself with so as you broaden who you’re surrounded with you build up more options for your future and opens your mind to possibilities you haven’t even thought of yet!

Past generations had to rely on TV and print news that are proven to be wrong so many times.

Having international connections can benefit your education, the business you’re working for, general awareness, and your future goals and success.

If you are a travel-savvy person, knowing someone from a different country who is also working remotely is also priceless, as they are likely to welcome you and tell you the most important things you need to know.

Higher paid jobs


Economies vary from one country to another yet working remotely gives you the chance to work in better conditions with a stable salary.

For example, if you live in one of the countries of Eastern Europe, jobs from Western countries like the United States could be a game-changer for you.

The US economy is a lot stronger than the economy in Eastern Europe and as we said before if you know how to do the job if you are capable of completing your tasks and delivering results before deadlines, your employer doesn’t care where you are.

Now don’t think you will start work on US standard pay. You can get there, but you will have to work your way up.

Every employer will do a lot of research before hiring someone remotely, and they will know how that particular position is paid in your country. This is a big draw for employers to areas like Eastern Europe. You are likely to get a better offer than the average salary in your country that you can then build on, prove yourself and when you excel and really make a difference justify bonuses or increases in your salary.

We’ve seen many companies on JobRack offering incredible salaries for positions they are hiring for and that’s one of the benefits only online remote jobs can give you.

You are very likely to find higher paid jobs online than locally in your country.


How To Find and Get a Virtual Assistant Job


When you are looking for a job locally, you check the boards, call some connections, publish on social media that you are looking for a job, you ask your friends are they familiar with any adverts, etc…

Well, it’s kinda the same for getting the online remote job, except all you have to do is find the right board for you.

There are lots of platforms online for getting a job, but the main point is what you’re after.

Do you want to do gigs for multiple companies? Or do you want to work for one company part-time or full time, and build your career for the future?

If you are looking for part-time or full-time positions in great companies and if you are from Eastern Europe then JobRack is the best solution for you. Our employers want people just like you to help them grow their business and once you get the job, there are lots more opportunities for you to grasp.

Here’s everything you need to do:


Register on JobRack


The registration process is very simple and it’s free for everyone.

You just need to enter your name, email address, and password and you can start building your profile.

Make sure to always put the email address you check regularly. Even if you don’t see any jobs you like at the moment, we will send them your way as they get posted.

That way we will help you to find what you’re looking for, and get you a job much quicker.


Build your profile


Your Profile is your best chance to impress your future employer.

Make sure you use your own photo and make it look good. Everyone likes to see someone professional, and your photo builds a connection with the viewer.

Connecting a name with a face is very important, so it’s not the time to be shy!

You will need to build your profile description and that is also very important. You need to tell your future employers what kind of person are you, what are you good with, what’s your past experience and what jobs you’d like to do.

As a virtual assistant, this is also a great opportunity to show them your previous experiences, on which projects and for which companies you worked for, and what are you best at!

Just be open and honest, that’s always the best solution.

Another thing very important is your skills.

On JobRack we have plenty of skills for you to select and evaluate 1-5 stars. This will tell your future employers more about what skills you have, the ones at the expert level and the ones you’re familiar with.

Don’t forget to enter those because they are extremely important. Employers have the option to browse job seekers via skills they select and our job notifications are based on matching you and your skills with the skills our employers are looking for.

So if you are extremely good with Excel, make sure you list that skill and all others you possess and evaluate them with 1-5 stars!

The last thing that we recommend is to attach your CV. You can make your description funky or professional, however, you want it to reflect you. A CV is a standard that many employers still look for.


Apply for jobs


Once you build your profile and get it approved, you’re good to start applying for jobs.

When you review a job make sure to carefully read the complete job description and information from the employer.

You will find information like what is expected from you, what skills you need and what are your opportunities in the company.

If you figure that you are good for that job, you can apply directly through JobRack or through a link that employers leave at the bottom of the post.

Don’t get scared if you don’t have all the skills. Many companies are aware that the perfect candidate may not tick every box. Often they hire someone who is the best overall person for them and their business not just the one that ticks the most boxes.

That is because employers are mostly looking for the mindset and for someone who will fit in their company.

Sure, you won’t apply for a Virtual Assistant role if you don’t know what virtual assistant even is, but you get the point! Some flexibility is possible.

In your application, write everything you know how to do from the job description and add some more of your own skills you think they might need. Also, skills that you don’t know, feel free to tell them that, but make sure to say that you’re willing to learn them, and will do your best to keep their pace.

Remember, NEVER ever copy and paste the same application for multiple jobs. You MUST show that you’re interested in them and their role.

This is something so obvious to employers, and it never ends up with you getting the job. Spend a few more minutes on building your application, and trust us, it will be worth it.


Testing phase


When it comes to virtual assistant job there will likely be no testing phase but in case there is, just make sure you understand the task properly and do your best to complete it by yourself.

It’s very important that you don’t Google solution or ask someone to help you, as the task will likely be discussed during the interview stage, where you will need to elaborate on what you did there.

As we said previously, testing virtual assistants is not usually common, but there will definitely be a trial period where you will need to prove your skills to the employer.




Writing an application for the job is not that hard.

Also, if you have ever looked for a job of any kind you are well aware that you may need to send a couple of applications before you get through to an interview.

That’s the hard part. The interview.

But it’s hard only because people are not aware that all they need is to be themselves.

Don’t try to fake anything or lie about something. Be honest and transparent. Employers will appreciate you saying to them that you don’t know something, rather than lying and risking being caught out.

As we stated above, you will probably talk about the task you did (if there was one), and the best advice we can give you is to keep it real and honest. However, prepare your self to answer a lot of “why” and “how”!

6 Lessons Learned From Our First Live Hiring Event

Relax and be engaging. An interview is not the courthouse with you in the witness chair. Don’t bow your head down, and just reply to the questions.

Always try to provoke the conversation on the subject, but make sure that every conversation ends up with “Yes, I can do that” or “No I can’t do that, but I’m sure I’d learn in no time!”.

Keep smiling, be yourself, tell them everything you know and what you want to know, and we are sure you’ll do good.


Why Choose JobRack?


Even though there are numerous platforms out there where you can scout for virtual assistant jobs, here on JobRack we always look for new ways to improve your experience as a job seeker. 

We understand that finding a virtual assistant job can be a long process, and that’s why we try to make it easier for you every day!

Using JobRack as a platform for finding a remote job has many benefits, and here’s the top 3:

  1. We ensure you get paid – One of the biggest worries job seekers have is whether or not they’ll get paid. We have processes in place to make sure we work with your employer to help you get paid for your work.
  2. New jobs straight to your email – Once logged in, you can sign up to our notifications and receive new jobs directly in your inbox twice a day.
  3. We won’t take any money from you – Unlike other platforms out there, we don’t intend to take any money from you! You keep 100% of what you make!


So register on JobRack now and start working for amazing companies abroad! We’re here to help!




Getting a virtual assistant job is something many people are becoming more interested in. It’s not just becoming a trend, it’s a completely different way of working, and it works so well because both sides (employers and job seekers) are happy.

JobRack is a phenomenal place to get started and get your virtual assistant job.

You just need to:

  1. Register on JobRack
  2. Build your profile
  3. Apply for the job and
  4. Nail the interview

As you can see it’s very easy, and by registering you will experience all the fits we offer! We’re going to educate you, send you the best and newest jobs that match your skills, we’ll make sure you get paid for your work and it’s 100% free! Everything you make, you keep!

So make sure to register now and get your dream online remote job!