how a social media manager can boost your business

5 Ways A Social Media Manager Can Boost Your E-Commerce Business

Having a social media manager can be a key factor in boosting your e-commerce business.

Social media is crucial for marketing. 

Approximately 3.8 billion people around the world use social media, and studies have shown that over half of those browse social media to research products.

If you want to use these statistics to your advantage, you need to hire an expert employee who will handle your social media presence. 

Here are five ways your social media manager can help you reach a larger audience and expand your e-commerce business.

1. Building Strategies

Being active on social media and posting regular content is not enough to create a loyal fanbase and build brand recognition. 

If you really want your social media presence to have a significant impact, you have to work towards a planned goal.

For example, strategies for gaining feedback and establishing good customer service are different from those designed to increase sales

You need to determine which aspects of your company you want to improve. After that, your social media manager can develop strategies according to your company goals.


2. Attracting Target Audience

Every product has its target audience

Although you might be tempted to attract as many followers as possible, it is more important to find those who are more likely to be interested in your product.

A social media manager will help you determine your target audience and reach out to more potential customers.

This will not only drive more traffic to your website. It will help determine what kind of content you need to post.

The interests of your audience dictate the content you share, and relevant content will in turn bring in more loyal followers.

reaching target audience


3. Customer Support & Developing Relationships

The great thing about social media is that you can use it to build relationships and communicate with potential customers

However, this kind of interaction with your followers requires time and constant attention.

That’s where your social media manager comes in.

They can communicate with potential customers, respond to their questions, and build relationships. These are all important steps towards establishing your brand and creating a loyal audience.

Another great thing is that your social media manager can directly communicate with customers and assess their feedback

They can ask and answer questions, participate in conversations and determine the needs of your followers.

Once you have an idea of what your customers need, you can improve different aspects of your marketing and grow your business.

4. Creating Content for Social Media

Actively using social media means regularly creating high-quality content.

This is not an easy task. After a while, you might find yourself running out of ideas.

A social media manager will constantly come up with interesting ideas and share posts relevant to your targeted followers

This also refers to visual content, such as entertaining videos and eye-catching images.

Aside from creating the content, a social media manager is going to know which platforms and tools to use to really make the whole process efficient.

Quu and MeetEdgar can be very useful for curating content and creating scheduled posts. A social media manager will know exactly how to put these tools to good use.

customer needs


5. Your Social Media Manager Brings Expertise

You might think that you don’t need a social media manager since you might be able to do all these things yourself.

But, keep in mind that social media managers are experts at what they do.

This article shows just a glimpse of how a social media manager can help you improve your business – they can do much more than you might think.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which social media tools can help you keep your audience engaged?
  • Do you have time to respond to each of your followers?
  • Do you know which social media platforms are the most suitable for your type of business?
  • How can you get in-depth reports of your social media presence?

You might realize that questions such as these require more research and work than you thought. 

That’s why it is better to get an expert who can help.

They know exactly which platforms to use and how to use them, so hire a good social media manager who can help you. 

Keep in mind that remote employees can work very flexible hours and can cost less than you think, especially when considering part-time options. That’s why they are especially suitable for this kind of role. 

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