marketing automation can't beat virtual assistant

5 Reasons Why Marketing Automation Can’t Beat a Virtual Assistant

A good marketing assistant can be a crucial factor in maximizing company profits.

However, many companies are nowadays turning to marketing automation as it can be a powerful tool for reaching prospects. This is true to a certain extent – it can provide quality personalized content, track customer engagement, and eventually turn leads into paying customers.

It can also perform those tasks with less input and at a much faster pace than regular employees.

Nevertheless, marketing automation is only one of the elements of your approach, not the entire strategy. It is a supplement that requires management and constant improvement in order to work.

On the other hand, a quality marketing assistant can carefully develop strategies and marketing campaigns without the challenges of software platforms and technologies.

In this article, we bring you 5 reasons why marketing automation cannot replace a virtual assistant.

1. Marketing Automation Can’t Improve Your Strategy

Despite all the benefits, it is important to know that marketing automation is simply a quicker, automated version of the marketing system already developed within the company.

The workflow content remains the same – and poor content will not help expand the company regardless of the techniques you use.

Bad marketing is the fault of bad marketers. Before relying on automation to resolve all your issues, focus on hiring the right people and developing good marketing strategies.

2. Marketing Automation Requires Money & Effort

Many business owners make the common mistake of taking the ‘set it and forget it’ approach. 

They invest in marketing automation without really understanding that it requires a lot of time and effort. This kind of thinking results in a failed investment which doesn’t bring back revenue, but actually makes them lose more money.

Hiring a virtual marketing assistant instead of relying on automation can help you avoid this mistake. 

Ideally, you can consider implementing marketing automation and hiring a VA who will work on your marketing techniques to really make sure that your automation tools are maximizing their potential.

virtual marketing assistant

3. You Need the Right Timing

Marketing automation might seem like an exciting new step in the growth of your business – this doesn’t mean that the company is ready for it. 

If you are still in the beginning stages and are working towards increasing the number of your customers, automation might not be the best option. Before taking this step, you may want to focus on developing your SEO approach and social media presence.

If you are not sure whether it’s the right time to implement automate marketing, hiring a VA is probably a much better idea. A virtual marketing assistant can help you increase your site traffic by formatting your blog, editing your content, or managing your social media – all this without the risk of a poor investment.

4. Virtual Marketing Assistant Can Personalize Your Content

The most important aspect of marketing is the customer experience. Marketing automation often includes depersonalized, generic messages which are commonly marked as spam. 

If you want to avoid blending in with hundreds of other competitors, you need to constantly update and personalize your content.

Having a virtual assistant communicate with the customers can make the entire experience much better. Nothing can replace personal communication, and your customers will be much more satisfied to find that they are talking to an actual human instead of a bot.

5. With the Help of a Virtual Marketing Assistant, Marketing Automation Can Make A Huge Difference

Despite all the potential difficulties, marketing automation is a great way to grow your business

Creating targeted marketing campaigns and automating repetitive tasks can make your team more productive. However, if you want to effectively implement marketing automation, you must know that it requires constant maintenance and strategic improvement. 

This is why a virtual assistant can be invaluable in maintaining and developing your strategies. If you want to find out more about hiring a great virtual assistant, you can find some tips here.

Basically, marketing automation can be extremely beneficial, but it cannot replace the help of a virtual marketing assistant. 

Even if you implement marketing automation, you will still need someone to constantly review what is working well and what needs improvement. 

And a marketing assistant can do exactly that. 

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