20 Best Places Where to Hire Remote Developers

According to Career cast, the most difficult jobs to fill in the world currently are Software Developers. If you are running an online business with any element of needing your own developers you probably know how hard is to find a good developer.

If you are able to hire remote team members for your company then you have a huge advantage.  You can tap into great developers all over the world rather than needing to find one somewhere in your city.

Demand for developers is increasing constantly as businesses everywhere seek to differentiate themselves and offer better services and products through custom development. 

In this post, we will cover the 20 best places to find remote software developers.


1. Jobrack


Putting ourselves first? 

Well yes but for good reason! We believe in quality. And out of all these websites below, we can guarantee quality only for ourselves. 

There are numerous benefits to hiring Eastern Europeans, but two we must mention: dedication and education.

According to Fossbytes, out of the top 15 countries in the world with the best developers, 6 of them are in Eastern Europe which is mind-blowing when you think that so many people still don’t know the benefits that Eastern European team members and specifically Software Developers can bring to businesses. Want technically strong developers with a great work ethic, attention to detail and great value? Read on!

Currently, on JobRack, you can find over 7,000 high-quality job seekers, with developers being our strongest area. We created our business in providing great developers and we’ve not stopped since. 

JobRack is focused on providing long term employees for businesses. Whether it’s full-time or part-time, our job seekers are looking to commit to you and your business. No-fly by night freelancers here!

So if you want to hire a rockstar developer, someone who will be there with you and helping you grow, then you’re in the right place.

Job posts are just $199 and we actively hustle to help you get the very best applicants for your role. We even have a Done-For-You Service where we’ll go out and find, test, interview and reference the very best developers for you, leaving you to just make the final decision.

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2. Upwork


You probably saw this one coming.

As an industry giant, Upwork deserves a place in this list, as there are many really good developers available on Upwork.

If you are looking for a freelance developer then Upwork is a great place to find them. They are dedicated to helping employers find the best freelance talents out there.

Bear in mind that Upwork recently changed and introduced new fees for employers and freelancers that can be up to 25% of project costs.  So make sure that the costs stack up for you and your needs.

If you want to know how to avoid them, we made a complete post that you can read here.

You can post your project on Upwork for free and just pay the fees once you choose someone to work with.


3. We Work Remotely


Another great resource for finding online developers, as We Work Remotely claims to have over 2.5M monthly visitors.

They don’t have a database of job seekers but they do have a huge amount of visitors – many people who are looking for remote jobs.

Process of posting the job is very simple, you pay a one-time job posting fee of $299 and you create your job advert. 

Click here to get started with We Work Remotely.


4. Remoteok.io


Remote OK is a job search resource powered by Nomad List. You can find a variety of remote workers like customer support, marketing, design, non-tech professions, but also a lot of remote developers. remoteok.io

Process of posting the job is similar to WWR – you pay a one-time job posting fee of $299 and you have your job advert active for 90 days. 

Remoteok claims that they will deliver your job post to over 1 million professionals in their network.

Click here to get started with Remote OK.


5. Indeed


One of the largest job boards in the world has a lot of high-quality developers from all over the world.

Historically Indeed has been more about in-person jobs however they are now moving to support more and more remote jobs.indeed

Indeed offers free registration and free job posting. However, in the sea of job posts, your voice might not be heard so you can boost and promote your job post on their platform for as little as $5 per day. 

Employers we’ve spoken to suggest that a budget of $200-500 is normal for attracting high-quality candidates on Indeed for their job adverts.

Click here to get started.


6. PeoplePerHour


Similar to Upwork, PeoplePerHour is focused on freelance projects, so if you are looking for a long term engagement this might not be the right place for you.

However, if you are looking for someone to complete a specific project, then PeoplePerHour could work well for you.peopleperhour

They have a fee structure similar to Upwork which ranges from 3.5% to more than 20% of the project cost so those fees could soon add up.

Registering and posting your job is free so is an option for you to see the quality of responses before making a decision to proceed and pay the fees.


7. NoDesk 


No desk is built especially for digital nomads and remote developers.

They are charging $128 for a job post and guarantee 100,000 job views. Even though they are very similar but smaller than We Work Remotely and Remoteok.io they represent a good price-quality ratio as they are niched down to tech stuff.nodesk

They do not have a database of jobseekers which means you can’t actually browse and find job seekers you think would be a good fit for your role.

Our employers reported that being able to personally find the talent in the database and invite them to apply for the job is of huge value to them because they can browse by skills and experience and find exactly what are they looking for instead of hoping and waiting that the right person will send the application.


8. Remotive.io


Another list based site that works without a database is Remoteve.io. 

Just like their competitors (job board without a job seeker database), they have a huge audience and numbers of visitors. However, they do have slightly more developer jobs than others.remotive

They charge $299 for the initial job post and then if you want to highlight your job advert or company logo you have to pay an additional $79. You also have the option to highlight logo + highlight job ad + pin the post to the top of the category for 1 month + get 2x more tweets, and that option costs $149.

In the end, your job post alone might come up to $448 which looks expensive compared to the other options out there.

You can check them out here.


9. Remote.co


Remote.co directly links to FlexJobs and other job boards, but they also have their own job posts. They also feature plenty of tips and Q&As for employees and employers looking into remote development work.remote.co

Their job post costs $249 for 30 days, and even though they are dedicated to all kinds of remote workers, many people reported successful hires for remote developers.


10. Toptal


Now if you are looking for a true rockstar developer you might want to invest time and money in Toptal.

Toptal is a professional talent matching service, and they are focused on tech stuff and developers. They are well respected for their way of working and no wonder, some of the best devs out there are on TopTal. toptal

Why? Well, according to Toptal, only 3% of applicants make it through their battery of technical tests and their comprehensive vetting process. 

You heard that right. Not anyone can register. So if you are looking for a really top developer, and you’re willing to pay for it, then check out Top Tal.

Rates are high, as you’d expect for the top 3% – According to many reviews out there, you can end up paying a remote developer anywhere between $60 to $160 per hour.


11. Hired


Hired helps employers find software engineers and developers quickly through their custom matching software. The best thing about it is that you can find really specialized developers who have exactly what you are looking for.

Also, developers on Hired mostly have at least 2 years of experience working in the field.

Employers using the Hired marketplace to recruit have the option to pay a one-time commission fee of 15% of their new hire’s annual salary, or they can pay a fixed monthly fee and hire as many candidates as they wish.

The rate of hiring temporary employees is 30%, and 15% for independent contractors.


12. Flexjobs


Flex jobs is a very popular place on the internet to find remote workers. flexjobs

They have a large database of job seekers and as you can probably assume, a big variety of all kinds of developers.

Their plan starts from $14.95 per month and after you subscribe you can start using all of their resources.


13. Git hub


Git Hub has an amazing community of developers where you can find a really good developer for your business.github

Git hub is pretty well aware that they have a huge community that holds the quality, so if you want to find your A Player there, your job post will cost $450. 


14. Stack overflow


Created as a rival to GitHub Jobs, Stack Overflow also has its own community that is arguably the largest and most trusted community of developers on the web.stack overflow

They allow an incredible amount of exposure to dedicated developers around the world.

It’s likely that you will find whatever you are searching for but bear in mind that it will cost. Stack Overflow don’t publish their pricing but it starts with a 15-minute consultation call so fair to assume, it’s not cheap!


15. Freelancer


Just like Upwork and PeoplePerHour, Freelancer is a platform that allows you to list your project and receive competitive bids from freelancers.freelancer

They are more freelancer oriented than the long term, and you have a huge number of high-quality freelancers available on the site.

Registering and posting a job on Freelancer is completely free. However, when you start a project with someone, they take a commission that is lower when compared to their competitors like Upwork.

They take 3% of the payment you are sending to the freelancer, and they take 10% from the freelancer as well so a significant cost when you work with a developer on an ongoing basis.


16. Working nomads


As the name says, Working Nomads is a place built for working nomads.

As with other remote job boards, development is the largest career category by far, so it can be a good place to find developers at a relatively affordable rate.

They charge $149 for a single job post and you can expect a solid number of applications.


17. Linkedin


You always have the good old outreach strategy that will work best on Linkedin. linkedin

You can find many good developers on LinkedIn and send them a message or connection with an offer to apply for your job.

So if you have the time and inclination then it’s free (within limits) and considering how big a resource it is it may be worth considering.


18. Dice


Dice is also a well-established tech and IT job board with 3 million registered tech professionals. They have huge traffic and you will likely find great talents there.

They charge $395 for a job post and they have discounts if you are buying more than one.


19. Fiverr


You probably won’t find a developer for 5 bucks, but Fiverr is great because you can find the exact services you need.fiverr

Fiverr has always been a good resource for finding talent online, and there are hundreds of thousands of developers looking for gigs and offering their services.

Just make sure you look at the reviews on their profile as you don’t want to end up working with someone that doesn’t deliver good results.

Just like other big platforms that provide freelancers, they have their own fee structure. According to Fiverr: “All purchases are subject to a service fee of $2 on purchases up to and including $40, and 5% on purchases above $40”


20. Staff


Many freelance websites focus on short term projects like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc, but Staff.com focuses on the long term work as we do here on JobRack.staff

They are a very good resource for finding remote developers and they don’t charge job posting and registration. Rather than that they have pricing for using their Time tracking software called Time Doctor. 

If you think they would be a good option for you because they include the time tracking software make sure you first decide will you be using time tracking software at all. We made a complete blog post about time tracking software and reviewed top 5, so you can read that here.


Why choose JobRack


Now we have covered the 20 best places to hire remote developers, finding a developer shouldn’t be a problem. At least, you know where to look.

But the hiring process is a story in itself. Finding, filtering, testing and interviewing developers is a time-consuming process that requires either your time and attention or some expert help.

Here on JobRack, we have a Done For You Service where we can save you a huge amount and effort finding the right developer for you and your business. 

Our expert remote hiring recruiters can take all the pain away. 

From understanding exactly the person you need we’ll find, filter, test and interview them before delivering you 2-3 awesome candidates for final interview and to make your choice.

Check out our Done For You service here or if you want to run the process yourself post a job advert and find an amazing Eastern European developer now!