10 Places Where to Find Remote Online Content Writers

As we previously said in our guide How To Hire Remote Content Writer, content writers and creators are essential when it comes to scaling your business.

In this post, we’ll cover the best places and websites online where you can find remote content writers.

If you are a job seeker from Eastern Europe looking to start working remotely as a content writer you can register on JobRack. If you are not from Eastern Europe, you should definitely check out this article from SmartBlogger – they provided awesome resources for landing freelance writing jobs!

If you are an employer, looking to hire content writer… read on!


1. JobRack


Putting ourselves first?

Well yes but for good reason! We believe in quality. And out of all these websites below, we can guarantee quality only for ourselves.

There are numerous benefits to hiring Eastern Europeans, but two we must mention: dedication and education.

Want a creative and strong content writer with a great work ethic, attention to detail and fluent English? Read on!

Currently, on JobRack, you can find over 7,000 high-quality job seekers, with content writers being one of our strongest areas.

JobRack is focused on providing long term employees for businesses. Whether it’s full-time or part-time, our job seekers are looking to commit to you and your business. No-fly by night freelancers here!

So if you want to hire a rockstar content writer, someone who will be there with you and helping you grow, then you’re in the right place.

Job posts are just $199 and we actively hustle to help you get the very best applicants for your role. We even have a Done-For-You Service where we’ll go out and find, test, interview and reference the very best content writers for you, leaving you to just make the final decision.

Click here to post a job or check out Done For You Service!


2. Upwork


Industry giant Upwork is an obvious option if you are looking for freelancers.

On Upwork you can find all kinds of freelancers with good English skills.

However, you should know your budget in advance and be aware of the quality-price ratio as on Upwork you have incredible English speakers/writers, but you also have a lot of other freelancers who are trying to break through who may not have the language skills you need.

Hiring content writers on Upwork can be pretty time consuming so if you plan to do so, dedicate some time researching before you publish your advert.

Bear in mind that Upwork recently changed and introduced new fees for employers and freelancers that can be up to 25% of project costs. So make sure that the costs stack up for you and your needs.

If you want to know how to avoid them, we made a complete post that you can read here.

You can post your project on Upwork for free and just pay the fees once you choose someone to work with.


3. Contently


Contently is a great option if you are serious about investing in your content strategy and especially if you are looking to hire a team of writers.

Their platform gathers over 60,000 top freelance writers and journalists. As they are a content production tool, by signing up you will have access to their entire suite, which provides you a strategy for your content, a platform to manage it (including a content calendar and process flow) and writers/editors to develop your content for you.contently

However, if you are starting with a modest budget, this platform won’t be for you.

Prices can range anywhere from $3,000 to $25,000 a month!

People who hired on Contently reported that even though writers are amazing there’s still a need to edit the content a bit and adjust your voice to it. Also, they added that content Contently produces usually has a lack of personal connection.

However, it’s an amazing option if you have a serious budget to spend on your content, you need it a lot and you need it fast!

You can check out Contently here.


4. Scripted


Scripted is a platform that behaves like a middleman. They have lots of high-quality content writers and it’s basically content-on-demand service.

Scripted accepts only 2% of applicants who want to write for their clients, so they do a really good job of filtering quality of over quantity.scripted

Their plan starts with $149 and in addition to that, you pay writers who work for you. Writers set their own fees.

At the end of the day, it all depends on what do you need and how much of it you need.

If you are looking to hire someone to work directly for you full time then Scripted is not the option to go with. However, if you are looking for an expert to write a high-quality long-form blog post or two, then it might worth the buck.

You can check out Scripted here.


5. ProBlogger


ProBlogger is very popular among remote content writers and lots of folks are looking for gigs there.

You can find full-time remote workers and freelancers at the same time. But bear in mind that top-notch quality writers usually are just fishing for high paid gigs.problogger

Posting on ProBlogger will cost you $70 and your job advert will be active for 30 days.

You can expect all kinds of applicants as they do not have a database of job seekers, they are simply a job board, so everyone has access.

If you publish a poor job advert there’s a good chance that you will only receive a few applications from low-quality applicants or maybe not even that.

You can check out ProBlogger here.


6. Linkedin


You always have the good old outreach strategy that will work best on Linkedin.linkedin

You can find many good content writers on LinkedIn and send them a message or connection with an offer to apply for your job.

So if you have the time and inclination then it’s free (within limits) and considering how big a resource it is it may be worth considering.

Just keep in mind the value of your time!


7. WriterAccess


If you are looking to hire a content writer who is from the USA then WriterAccess can be a good solution for you.

Even though it’s obvious that you can expect US standard rates ($15-$40 per hour), you will get one of 15,000 native speakers who are registered and working on WriterAccess.writeraccess

For a long time, they were only US-based, but since the end of 2018, WriterAccess now accepts writers from US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and the Republic of Ireland too.

Their pricing pack starts at $39/month and you do have the option of a 14-day trial.

You can check out Writer Access here.


8. Fiverr


You probably won’t find a content writer for 5 bucks, but Fiverr is great because you can find the exact services you need. Either it’s a blog post, website writing, article writing, whatever it is, you can find it on Fiverr.fiverr

Fiverr has always been a good resource for finding talent online, and there are hundreds of thousands of content writers looking for gigs and offering their services.

Just make sure you look at the reviews on their profile as you don’t want to end up working with someone that doesn’t deliver good results.

Just like other big platforms that provide freelancers, they have their own fee structure. According to Fiverr: “All purchases are subject to a service fee of $2 on purchases up to and including $40, and 5% on purchases above $40”

You can check out Fiverr here.


9. We Work Remotely


Another great resource for finding online content writers, as We Work Remotely claims to have over 2.5M monthly visitors.

They don’t have a database of job seekers but they do have a huge amount of visitors – many people who are looking for remote jobs.

The process of posting the job is very simple, you pay a one-time job posting fee of $299 and you create your job advert.

You can check out We Work Remotely here.


10. RemoteOK


Remote OK is a job search resource powered by Nomad List. You can find a variety of remote workers like customer support, marketing, design, non-tech professions, but also a lot of remote content writers.remoteok.io

The process of posting the job is similar to WWR – you pay a one-time job posting fee of $299 and you have your job advert active for 90 days.

Remoteok claims that they will deliver your job post to over 1 million professionals in their network.

You can check out RemoteOK here.


Why choose JobRack?


Now we have covered the 10 places where to find remote online content writers, finding a writer shouldn’t be a problem. At least, you know where to look.

But the hiring process is a story in itself. Finding, filtering, testing and interviewing content writers is a time-consuming process that requires either your time and attention or some expert help.

Here on JobRack, we have a Done For You Service where we can save you a huge amount and effort finding the right content writer for you and your business.

Our expert remote hiring recruiters can take all the pain away.

From understanding exactly the person you need we’ll find, filter, test and interview them before delivering you 2-3 awesome candidates for final interview and to make your choice.

Check out our Done For You Service here or if you want to run the process yourself post a job advert and find an amazing Eastern European content writer now!